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Excellent! Delicious food!
We used to get some excellent Chinese in Everett from Dragon Chef for the last couple of years. It was the best! Although they cant be compared to Kowloons!
They have gone down very low.

Were so thankful for Grubhub too!
They delivered very close to estimated time considering the weather!
Grubhub helped us to be able to order from a fine dining restaurant.

As for Kowloons! Everything was delicious! Shrimp fried rice, jumbo butterfly shrimp, shrimp with lobster sauce & I forget the name of the dish but it came with: chunks of lobster meat, large shrimp in a Nice I think ginger sauce topped with crispy scallops!
And I had a question, called the restaurant the person, nice lady was very knowledgeable. I had double ordered something and she take care of it right then.
That being said made our order correct and tasty too!

Excellent delivery service from Grubhub! I had to say it again because to have quality food delivered to you after a blizzard is alright with me.
Stay safe.

Prosperous and healthy new year to All.

Thank you!


1 review
Best quality, best tasting, best temperature Chinese food around. Delivery guy was very pleasant. My roommate said it was the best chicken fingers he's had in a long time. More expensive than most places but well worth the price.


2 reviews
I accidentally clicked "no" to "was the food good" - ACCIDENTAL! The food was fantastic! You guys forgot the dang fortune cookies tho. All in all, we adore Kowloon. Who doesn't???


Top Reviewer
This was quite possibly the best chicken wing, boneless spareribs, beef teriyaki Ive ever had! Huge quantity, great flavor, super price and delivered way faster than expected!


1 review
Consistently good quality food, open long hours. Family friendly as well as private intimate quiet areas to be seated

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